AST-230AST-234 (5mmx5mm)
AST-234 is a miniature version of the AST-230 SoC from Navika Electronics. It is a low cost platform for wide variety of applications, which involves GPS and other peripherals. The AST-234 is a system on chip for GPS solutions, which is targeted for portable applications. AST-234 SOC is based on ARM7TDMI processor and it provides a multitude of interfaces to connect to external world.
  • 16-Channel high performance GPS-SBAS baseband
    • Indoor positioning
    • Fast time to fix
    • Integrated timing block
  • ARM7TDMI-S based processing engine
    • 90MHz operating frequency
    • JTAG and Trace support
    • ARM and Thumb mode
  • Internal memory
    • 2Mbit SRAM
    • 32Kbit battery backed RAM
  • • Industry standard peripherals
    • USB 2.0 with Full Speed PHY
    • CAN 2.0 controller
    • SPI
    • TWI (I2C compatible)
    • Serial Port
    • UART
    • General Purpose I/O
  • Low power mode
  • Multiple boot mechanisms
  • Scalable system clock frequency
  • 3.3V I/O, 1.2V Core Supply voltage
  • 5mm x 5mm BGA package
  • Fully RoHS compliant