GPS-SBAS (GAGAN) Module with Integrated Antenna
Navika-131Navika-131 (35mm x 35mm)
  • GPS-SBAS (GAGAN) positioning module
  • 35mm x 35mm module with integrated antenna
  • Multi-path detection and compensation
  • More than 16K Correlators for fast acquisition and robust tracking
  • Fast Time-To-First-Fix
  • Single 3.3 V input supply
  • Provides better than 2.5m of position accuracy
  • Altitude limit removed (Altitude support greater than 50km)
  • UART interface for host communication with baud rate support upto 1Mbps
  • 6 pin interface connector through which it can be plugged into any application hardware
  • NMEA0183 compatible message format and Custom binary message for host communication
  • GPS Quality indicator message
  • RoHS compliant